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"Angels appeared during a Near-Death Experience at age 12.
Since, my hands play on the spot what They sing in my heart.
Their transformative music reconnects You to who You are."
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The Christ, The Angel & The Dove Palm Springs, California, USA

© Frederic Delarue

© Frederic Delarue

CONTENTS Where can you see The Christ and the Angel?

Messages of the Angel

Where can you see the Dove?


Where can you see the image of The Christ and the Angel?

The image of The Christ and the Angel can be seen on the San Jacinto Mountain in Palm Springs. As you can see in the picture above, their images are very clear.

This is a totally natural phenomena, images etched in the rock. Most impressive, the Angel was naturally sculptured in the rock, and even more amazing is that the Angel is seen on a small mountain as a pyramid shape, and the Angel is where the Chamber of the King would be on an Egyptian pyramid. That should amaze all of us.

The best location I have found to view the image of The Christ and the Angel is from Desert Hot Springs, just north of Palm Springs. I am available for private spiritual tours to see the images and area much closer, but more importantly,
I show them to you with the eyes of my heart and my soul and teach you how to feel, start communication, receive the Blessings and taking the time to say a prayer of Gratitude. Click here for more info

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Messages of the Angel

After a month and a half living in the desert, I quickly realized the purpose was to bring awareness to the Angel on the mountain.
I was inspired by the Angel in 2006 to compose my CD, Symphony of Light, to honor her presence and to bring awareness to her.
Both Christ and Angel images are absolutely amazing to witness, however the Angel has messages for all of us.
Acknowledging her (as I think it is a she) is a start. Communicating with her is another. Receiving messages from her is another.
It is up to each of us whether we accept her message as truth and use if in our lives.

Again, this image etched on the rock is not here for NO reason!!!
Its image is so clear. And there may be a good reason why it is so clear right now for EVERYONE TO SEE!

Her message:
If one day, you see her image fading away rapidly from the mountain, or see a sudden change in her appearance, whatever it might be, please be aware that she will give a signal to you, who see and acknowledge her, to alert and save you from any potential catastrophic events.

Know that if such a phenomena was happening that you should contact me, your friends, neighbors, and local authorities immediately then reach higher grounds right away. Observe and follow the animals, as they always sense when something abnormal and dangerous is about to occur and they flee in the direction to be safe, that you should also follow.
1) If all people followed the animals when the tsunami hit Thailand after the earthquake in Indonesia, not as many people would have perished. It is often our ignorance or our refusal to believe in the signs of Nature that causes our sufferings.
2) If Italian authorities would have listened to Mr. Giampaolo Giuliani who predicted the Italian earthquake of April 5, 2009 and did not ask him to remove his prediction from his website, not as many people would have perished in that area.

Observe and you will always be guided what to do and where to go in due time. Trust your intuitions always!
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Where can you see the Dove?

The Dove is like the same natural phenomena than the Angel and the Christ, except it is on the Hills of Desert Hot Springs, (town north of Palm Springs).

The best location found to have the closest view of the Dove on the hills is:
* Coming from Los Angeles: (when you are on I-10 going east, exit at Palm Drive and make a left going towards Desert Hot Springs. At Dillon Rd, make a right and at Mountain View, make a left. Make a right on Hacienda and then make a left on Redbud and admire the Dove (just facing you.)

* Coming from Indio: exit at Date Palm Drive and make a right on Date Palm Dr. going towards Desrt Hot Springs. At Varner Rd, make a left. At Mountain View, make a right. Pass Dillon Rd and keep going north. At Hacienda, make a right. At Redbud, make a left and enjoy the Dove (just facing you.)

* Coming from Palm Springs: (Take Gene Autry Trail going towards I-10, pass the freeway. Gene Autry Trl becomes Palm Drive. Keep going north till Dillon Rd. At Dillon Rd, make a right. At Mountain View, make a left. Make a right on Hacienda and then make a left on Redbud and admire the Dove (just facing you.)

The best time to see it is in mid-afternoon.

It is my understanding the dove is pointing towards, and is spiritually linked to the White Dove Franciscan Church, located just south of Tucson, Arizona.

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I deeply know I was guided to relocate to this Coachella Valley (the native american translation is "Palm of God") for a mission. After a month and a half living here, I quickly realized the purpose is to bring awareness to the Angel on the mountain. Both Christ and Angel images are absolutely amazing to witness, however the Angel has messages for us, to save us.

The Angel, The Christ, and The Dove are on the same line. The dove is connected/pointed/spiritually linked to the 'White Dove' Franciscan church, south of Tucson, Arizona. This last place is filled with wooden sculptured Angels inside the church.

The Christ and the Angel, are naturally etched on the rock of the San Jacinto mountain in Palm Springs, Ca. and the dove, on the hills of Desert Hot Springs, a worldwide renown city for its best waters in the USA and its numerous natural hot springs, located north of Palm Springs and at the foot of Joshua Tree National Park.

I knew there was a good reason for the Angels guiding me to this magnificent desert.

These spiritual/religious images etched on the rock are there for us to catch our attention, stop for a moment, see, feel, enjoy and be thankful. They are not just here for NO reason.

Like most mountains with high levels of energies (vortexes), such as found in Mt Shasta, California, our local mountain also attracts spaceships. On cloudy days, spaceships take place on top of the mountain, and while real clouds pass by, these lenticular clouds stay for a longer time, sometimes for as up to 12 to 24 hours on top of our area without moving.
To become aware, one has to stop their busy life, and be open to see the signs surrounding us. :)

It seems like there is more to be discovered, more dots that connect each other to a geometrical and maybe even mathematical purpose. I will update this page when more dots will be connected to the ones we have already: the Angel, the Christ, the Dove and the 'White Dove' church.

If you too, have any insights, contact me through my email, as I welcome them with gratitude and grace.

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3 photos below were taken by a reader of the newspaper, "The Desert Sun".
Thanks to this anonymous person for sharing these pictures.
The other ones below were taken by me.