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A Healing Gift to Humanity

By Kathy W. -Baltimore, MD - (TOP 500 REVIEWER on AMAZON.COM)
Frederic Delarue
2011/ Frederic Delarue Productions
62 minutes (January 12, 2012)

I have been intrigued with and often captivated by Frederic Delarue’s music since I reviewed his first American album, Voyage of the Soul, back in 2002. Musical Rapture: A Healing Gift to Humanity is Delarue’s seventh release since then, and, as all of his recordings do, this one has a fascinating story. Joao Cota-Robles, the son of spiritual speaker Patricia Cota-Robles, “made his transition to the Light” the end of 2010 from a sudden pneumonia. Delarue did not know Joao personally, but he knows his parents and regularly performs his music at an annual spiritual conference Patricia organizes. When he learned of Joao’s passing, Delarue felt compelled to drive to Arizona for his Celebration of Life. Joao communicated to Delarue that he would like a “Music of His Soul” CD created as a legacy of him for his family. (Delarue has been creating these CDs for people for many years.)

After the Celebration of Life, Delarue sensed that Joao wished his CD to be “A Gift to Humanity” with music that can comfort anyone (including pets) dealing with any form of cancer, a music that helps people to “raise their vibrations.” On Pentecost Sunday 2011, Delarue made this recording and felt that Joao’s wishes were that the music should never be bought or sold by anyone. It is being offered as a free download with permission to make copies to share with friends and loved ones at no charge. It is also stipulated that the music NOT be used as background music for guided meditations, webinars, YouTube videos, voice-overs and other recordings because recording other information over the music will interfere with the healing process and divine intent of the music. Downloads are also available from Patricia Cota-Robles’ website.

The music itself is a sixty-two minute improvisation performed on several keyboards and using a variety of musical sounds - ethereal voices, strings, piano, atmospheric sounds, etc. It has a similar feeling to Delarue’s live performance, which can be a very profound spiritual experience. The music is soothing, uplifting, and very relaxing; it is also very beautiful. If you haven’t experienced Delarue’s music before, this is a wonderful opportunity to try it for free.
The download link is
A more detailed description of how the music came into being is there as well. Recommended!

Kathy Parsons ~

EYES OF YOUR HEART, The Book!Eyes of Your Heart, CD

Reviews from WRITER'S DIGEST

By Kathy W. -Baltimore, MD - (TOP 500 REVIEWER on AMAZON.COM)
Frederic Delarue
2009/ Frederic Delarue Productions
Excellent Spiritual Reading, August 13, 2009

The book is a wonderful accompaniment to Frederic Delarue's music. It is a God-based book, so if you are not interested in hearing about God, move away from this book and this review. The book explains the experiences of the man behind the music, which is quite interesting in this man's case. His life changes dramatically when, as a 12 year old boy in France, he is ejected from a car during an auto accident. During the following hours, he has a near death experience. Although not expected to live, he miraculously does come back and he returns with a profound peace and appreciation for his God-given gifts and for life beyond the death that many fear so much. I believe that the music that Frederic channels is right out of Heaven, for surely I have heard and felt nothing else like it. His music speaks the language of your soul. If you are on a spiritual path, I strongly urge you to check it out.
If you are into feeling energy, you will likely feel the vibrations in it as I do.

But, back to the book: Frederic tells you his bio and provides a lot of really good spiritual-perspective advice. I'm not normally much on bios, BUT, I really enjoyed reading this one. Reading about his spiritual path not only helped me to validate some of my own experiences, but also helps you to better understand the beauty of the music. He explains not only his NDE, but some of the other things that happened to him. Where some people would have wallowed in self-pity or packed their heart with anger, Frederic chose to see God's hand in his life and to have faith that there was a reason for what happened that would reveal itself when the time was right. Much like the bird that begins singing long before the sunrise because he has faith that a new day is coming, Frederick chose to have faith in the Divine Plan that was designed for him alone.

This 228 page book is packed with spiritual advice that is RIGHT-ON, in my humble opinion. Frederic also provides his perspective on how each of his 7 CDs came into being and the intended meaning of the music in each. He talks about some landmarks he has found in the desert and on the mountainside. He discusses God, Jesus and the Angels often and how they have played an important part in his life and how they continue to do so. Let's not forget the dolphins, too. Frederic is also a dolphin-lover, as I am. His faith in God is steadfast. It does not change depending on what he has or does not have in the moment.

I would like to share some wisdom from his book, ". . . When I give my power to the ego or to anyone that has provoked anger in me, I lose my power and the strength of clarity and discernment. However, when I give my power to God, or to the Angels, I receive my strength back as I align my true self to the pure divine Creation. . . " So true, and there is much more wisdom within this book, based on Frederic's personal journey. (Seek to hold your peace, for the energy that you hold and send to others has a huge domino effect on many. If you hold and project anger, you permeate the air with it and touch many, many lives. Consciously watch the ripple effect one day.)

I thoroughly enjoyed the book and I highly recommend it. If you do not have any of his music, may I suggest you splurge a few bucks on your soul and buy the book and the CD of the same name. Check out my review on the CD, too. When I say the music is for your SOUL, I truly mean it. Music is a connection to the divinity of your soul, once you find the right music, the music that resonates with it. (And you know it when you find it.) I am sooooo happy that Frederic's book and music found me. I hope it finds you too.


EYES OF YOUR HEART, The Book!Eyes of Your Heart, CD

By Kathy Parsons - (TOP 500 REVIEWER on AMAZON.COM -
Frederic Delarue
2009/ Frederic Delarue Productions
From MainlyPiano, August 15, 2009

"Create A New Life Through The Eyes Of Your Heart" is the very personal and inspiring first book by composer/musician Frederic Delarue. The survivor of three near-death experiences over a period of twenty-eight years, the first of which was when he was in a horrific car wreck at the age of twelve, Delarue has acquired and developed some incredible abilities that include communicating directly with the angels and "beings of light" that are apparently all around us. Frederic and I have been online friends since I reviewed his first solo album in 2001 (he recently released his seventh album, which is a companion album to this book), and I have reviewed and thoroughly enjoyed all of his albums since then. We did an in-depth interview for my website in 2007 ([...]), so I feel that I know Delarue fairly well. We actually met for the first time earlier this year when he performed a concert at a church in Roseburg, Oregon and had dinner afterward. The concert was a profound experience, and having a long chat over Chinese food confirmed my impression that Frederic is completely sincere in everything he does and that his greatest desire is to help all living things lead happy and meaningful lives.

The first half of the book is mainly autobiographical - a fascinating self-portrait that explains the discovery of Delarue's gifts and how resisting them for long periods of time affected him. To realize as a young teenager that he could sense the music of people's souls was more than he could bear - especially when a famous French singer committed suicide shortly after he intuited how troubled she was. A medical error when he was thirty caused Delarue to be temporarily paralyzed, and another car wreck ten years later resulted in a visit from Jesus. This is not your average autobiography! The second half of the book explores Delarue's philosophies of life, religion, and music; the stories behind the making of each of his albums ("downloads from the angels"!); and exercises for achieving more clarity and developing stronger intuition. He also explains the personalized "The Music of Your Soul" recordings he creates spontaneously based on the musical vibrations of a person's full name given at birth. He will also create music based on the vibrations of groups and companies.

I found this book a fascinating and very enjoyable read.

EYES OF YOUR HEART, The CDEyes of Your Heart, CD

By Kathy W. -Baltimore, MD - (TOP 500 REVIEWER on AMAZON.COM)
Frederic Delarue
2009/ Frederic Delarue Productions
August 3, 2009

"Music for your Soul"

OMG! This CD is absolutely beautiful, immediately beautiful--the soft and gentle piano, with gentle vibes, and synthesized sounds. I HAVE to write this review for my metaphysical friends, because they HAVE to know about this music. (If you are not into that sort of thing, I have written something for you later in the review.) CD total time is 55:01.

I felt the energy in my heart right away. I did not expect it to be this great. Oh-h-h-h-it just blew me away. I am not kidding you. I FEEL this music big time. Wow! It is awesome! I can just close my eyes and ride the music notes right into Heaven! To describe the feelings: peace, beauty, love, foregiveness, kindness, and more love love love--like floating on a raft in a gentle pond, like being surrounded by a gentle fog at early dawn in an open field, while a cool crisp breeze kisses your cheek, like the beautiful sunset in Maui, like being held in the arms of the angels, like swimming with the dolphins in the ocean when no one else is around, like soaring through the Milky Way. This music just keeps chanting a feeling of Love love love. It is flowing and peaceful and all things beautiful.

There is truly a special energy in this music, if you open yourself up to feeling it. I wrote this review as I listened to the album for the first time and I could feel the energy rising, surrounding the back of my neck and tingling throughout my face. At several times, I felt the heat rising within me. I was actually perspiring, as I do when I get around a shop full of special stones. It's from a tremendous amount of energy that I begin to absorb. In my case, the energy moved from the 4th Chakra (heart) and extended upward into the 5th, 6th and 7 and swirled around. I began to feel what I call an energy chill (a warm flow of energy) across my back shoulders and throughout my face. It was so very wonderful and also kept vibrating throughout my face.

At another point, the music briefly had a massive God-like feel to, as if I were sitting on a cloud, watching a world being created. This music is an experience, a journey. Frederic is truly gifted. If you can feel energy, you know what I'm talking about.

The music returned to peace again and I received another energy chill. Find a place where you can be alone and experience it. Just go into the music and become one with the music and float right up to heaven. The music returned to the flow between the 4th and 7th chakras. The songs flow gently into each other, so, you just continue to float. If you remember the movie about an angel (Nicolas Cage) who falls in love with an earth being (Meg Ryan)and at the end, when Nicolas Cage is on the shore with the angels, this would be music you might expect to hear as you join the angels on the beach to watch the sun rise. Track 5 has some interesting sounds in it too, from a vibrational sense.

This is music where you can take a shower and stretch out on the couch with a big fluffy pillow and tone yourself down for an hour of music, just totally chill out. You may not be able to move and probably won't want to. The music returned to my crown charka, as if it was boring a hole and going inside. I don't remember ever experiencing music quite like this before. It's a feeling of "home" or oneness, or something really special. I received another energy chill, from the shoulders up through the crown charka and into the hole in the top of my head. I held off posting a couple of reviews because review #333 had to be something really special, metaphysically and spiritually, and this is it! This CD is truly deserving of being #333 (the number of the ascended masters). It must be right out of heaven, both in its beauty and in its vibrational content.

You could also meditate with this music and use it to do alternative healing modalities. I would not hesitate to play it for someone who is in the process of passing on. I think it would help them to pass peacefully. This music is like a beautiful prayer. No words--just beautiful music--hypnotic. If you play it on the computer, even the visualizations are an added dimension to this acoustical retreat. Track #7 kind of felt a little more bouncy, like it was beginning to bring you out of a hypnotic state, but still very profound and very energizing in the metaphysical sense. Wow! I don't know that my review even begins to do this CD the justice it deserves. I have a background in music and a great love for it anyway, but this is just incredible! The album back cover states that "Eyes of the Heart" is Frederick's 7th solo instrumental CD and is considered "The Music of the Soul" of his inspirational book by the same name. This is an August 2009 release! Wow! It just finished playing and I wish I could describe the beauty I feel right now. My whole body is still tingling from the vibrations. If I close my eyes, I am still floating in peace, out in the universe, above the earth. Holy schmidlap, Batman! What a wonderful time to be alive! (No, I am not on anything!) I have some very special spiritual friends I give gifts to during the holidays. I know what they are getting! (S-h-h-h-h. Don't tell them. You will ruin my surprise.) I continued to feel those vibrations into my sleep and they were still there in the morning. I took the CD to work and played in low to create a peaceful environment at work. (All you need is the vibration.) I have also played it in the car.

As I promised, for those of you who A) think I am nuts, or B) do not understand this metaphysical/charka/energy business: this is, at a minimum, possibly some of the most beautiful and peaceful music you will ever hear. It will certainly help you unwind at the end of the day and could likely help you drift off to a very peaceful night's sleep.

There is also a book that Frederic has written, telling of his near death experience (NDE) at age 12, and other experiences. I just began reading the book, but I really think that he brought this music back from Heaven with him when he returned from the NDE.

God bless this wonderful composer for his contribution to universal peace and consciousness. I am honored to have had the opportunity to post this review.


EYES OF YOUR HEART, The CDEyes of Your Heart, CD

by Kathy Parsons -
Frederic Delarue
2009/ Frederic Delarue Productions
From MainlyPiano, August 13, 2009

By Kathy Parsons (TOP 500 REVIEWER on -

"Create A New Life Through The Eyes Of Your Heart" is Frederic Delarue's seventh solo release and is the companion CD to his new book by the same name. Having survived three near-death experiences over the past twenty-eight years, Delarue is able to communicate with the angels and "beings of light" that surround us. Through them, he is able to spontaneously create "The Music Of Your Soul" for individuals, groups, and companies, as well as for his own first book. Earlier this year, I attended one of Delarue's concerts in a church where he created Music for the Soul of the Group, an unforgettable experience. In that setting as well as on this CD, the music and instrumentation seem simpler, less layered, and even more meditative than Delarue's previous releases. He told me that this music is intended for listening while reading the book, to allow the reader to go deeper. In that sense, it is soothing, uplifting, gentle background music for any number of quiet activities. I didn't have much luck waking up to it, as I kept drifting off into pleasant dreams, but that is actually a compliment!

There are seven individual tracks listed on the CD, but the pieces all flow from one to another without much of a separation, making this CD more of a one-hour meditation. The instrumentation is (electronic) piano-based with ethereal voices, strings, guitar, flute, and other ambient sounds creating the feeling of floating peacefully on a gentle wave of music. This type of music often becomes ear-candy with no real substance, but not when it's Frederic Delarue doing the creating. The music has a profound reassurance and overwhelming sense of peaceful well-being - health food for the soul! Highly recommended!

A Mind Like An OceanA Mind Like An Ocean, CD

by Kathy W. - (Top 500 Reviewer on
Frederic Delarue
2007/ Frederic Delarue Productions
August 13,2009

My experience with Frederic Delarue began with his "Eyes of Your Heart" CD, the most beautiful music I have ever heard. It is not only beautiful ethereal piano composition, but more importantly, it is so vibrationally superb. "A Mind Like An Ocean" is my third Delarue CD and Frederic's sixth album and it is very beautiful. It is from 2007.

You will notice the amazing cover on this album. As you study the picture, especially if you are on a spiritual path, you will see indescribable beauty of a connection through the 6th charka (3rd eye charka) to a column of light ascending upward, angels on both sides to support the light and surrounded by dolphins. The original was a painting by Eva, an artist from Pennsylvania. Frederic intensely meditated on the painting and created this album. As in Frederic's other albums, this collection of music is not only beautiful but it is also vibrationally superb. The vibration is not the kind you hear, it is the kind you feel. If you are not into feeling energy, you will at minimum find this music to be soft, peaceful, beautiful, relaxing, joyful, and uplifting. If you are into the energy thing, you will find that it deeply touches your heart and will probably make your whole body feel alive and tingly.

This CD has 11 tracks, totaling 56:11 minutes or a wee bit less than 1 hour. The tracks blend together nicely with only a slight pause in between, barely noticeable. With music, I usually write my review as I experience each track for the first time, so that you can know my first impressions. But this morning I was compeled to listen to this CD in the car and have been listening to it all day long. My spiritual interests and the cover seemed to be calling me to hurry up and listen to this CD. It leaves you feeling so wonderful.

I am not going to try to break each song down for you because this is not like an ordinary compilation of songs album. It is something entirely different. The whole album is a masterpiece of flowing heart-centered, inspiring beauty. I will mention though, that the first time I listened to track 2, the emotions in me swelled up from its beauty and I began to cry a little. If you really concentrate on this music, it is so very powerful. Of course, you can also just play it in the background if you want and go on about your business. I believe it will resonate with your inner self whether you know what I'm talking about or not.

Frederic is a gentleman originally from France who now resides in the Palms Springs, California desert. As a 12-year old boy, he was in a horrible auto accident that ejected him from the car and busted him up badly. Following the accident, he had a near death experience (NDE) that forever changed his life. His music is so beautiful and so vibrational, he surely must have brought it back from Heaven as a result of the NDE. You will want to play his albums over and over again, especially if you are on a spiritual path. This is "healing" music. Not only that but it speaks to your soul in a language that is truly of another place.

A Mind Like An OceanA Mind Like An Ocean, CD

by Kathy Parsons -
Frederic Delarue
2007/ Frederic Delarue Productions
December 11, 2007

“A Mind Like an Ocean” is Frederic Delarue’s sixth album, and is quite possibly his best work to date. I’ve been a big fan of Delarue’s music since he debuted with “Voyage of the Soul” in 2002, so each new album has been a treat. Wanting to reach a broader audience with his music, this album is perhaps a bit more accessible from beginning to end than the others, but maintains Delarue’s warmth, sincerity, and positive outlook. Delarue is planning to put his music to light shows and other visual media, and it’s easy to imagine this being extraordinarily effective. A spiritualist and a healer, Delarue’s music is powerful yet very soothing and calming, inviting the listener to close his or her eyes and be enveloped by the sound.
There is an interesting story about the creation of this album. Delarue’s composing is usually directed by his Angels, and although he knew what this album was supposed to be about, he wasn’t getting anywhere with the music. Painter Eva M. Sakmar-Sullivan contacted Delarue to purchase some of his CDs, and Delarue then visited her website ( to see her artwork. He was blown away by the similarity of their approaches to creation and asked if she would design the cover for “A Mind Like An Ocean.” She agreed, but the music still wasn’t forthcoming. Delarue asked if he could purchase the original artwork, and when it arrived, he felt he could step into the painting. Almost immediately, the music started to flow, and with the painting placed in front of him at his keyboards, the music was created in three days.
The title track begins the album. Blending a percussive rhythm and an ethereal melody, Delarue suggests vast openness and as well as majestic but gentle beauty. “The Journey Begins...” is more ambient and floating, like a peaceful musical dream. “Believe” picks up the tempo a bit, setting a simple but beautiful melody to a catchy rhythm. “In the Breath of Life” is a lovely guitar and piano piece that exudes warmth and contentment. “Intuition” feels a bit more urgent, but not uncomfortable. I love “Celebration,” a lively dance with an infectious beat - joy set to music! I also really like “Prayer Dance,” with its sense of mystery and of moving forward. This one reminds me a bit of Yanni in the instrumentation and spirit - a compelling piece! “A New Life” has a cinematic, quiet power that suggests that this journey is coming to an end, bringing with it a new beginning. The closing track, “Gratitude,” includes the sounds of the ocean and dolphins. Peaceful and contented, it is a warm and serene closing.
Frederic Delarue’s music always carries a message of peace, but feels more musically substantial than many of the artists in the genre. Give yourself a treat and check out “A Mind Like An Ocean”! It is available from,, and Highly recommended!
Kathy Parsons
Solo Piano Publications


by Kathy Parsons -
Frederic Delarue
2007/ Frederic Delarue Productions
52:00 minutes
June 15, 2007

Frederic Delarue is establishing himself as one of the foremost composers of so-called new age music, and is one of a few whose CDs are always interesting, soothing, and compelling. Delarue’s albums have basic themes, and previous releases have been about the magic of dolphins, classical composers “coming to play with Delarue,” spiritual voyages, etc. The common threads are consistently superior music, an uplifting spirit, and the statement that the music was created with guidance of Delarue’s angels and “beings of light.” (It is well worth a visit to to read his amazing biography.). The subtitle of this latest release, “Dream Your Life, Live Your Dreams,” sums up the thematic material, and there is a dreamy, graceful quality from start to finish. Delarue writes in the liner notes: “I invite you to reflect on the events of your life and surrender them to peace & love and bring forgiveness to yourself and anyone involved.” Can a collection of eleven original pieces of music accomplish all of that? When it comes to Delarue, I think it’s possible. None of the tracks are solo piano, but they are all piano-based with keyboard orchestrations. It is interesting to note that in the liner notes, the track titles are formatted in such a way that they create a short, evocative poem.

The opening track, “I Feel,” conveys the deep sense of spiritual contentment and connectedness that come too rarely in our rushed and over-scheduled lives. Listening to it, I can feel my breathing slow and go deeper, and the sense of urgency that has been plaguing me of late starts to melt away. “Beneath the Footprints of My Sole” has the feeling of gently floating in vast open space that Delarue does so well. The effortless flowing broken chords on the piano are hypnotic as the more ambient background coaxes you to a dreamy state of mind. Passionate as well as soothing, this is an exceptionally beautiful piece. “Caress My Spirit” begins with ambient voices that reverberate in a large space - perhaps a cathedral or even a castle. About a third of the way through, the piano enters with a much lighter melody. The piece melts into “With Tender Passion,” with its floating vocals and air of mysterious calm, supplemented with flute and subtle keyboard effects to gorgeous effect. “Beyond Eternity” lightens the mood quite a bit with a warm and graceful waltz. “I Remember” incorporates the simple melody of the Pachelbel Canon with strings and piano. It isn’t an exact rendering of the piece, but certainly suggests it. “The Power of Silence” becomes much more thoughtful and reflective - almost dreamlike, with shimmering strings and a quietly pensive piano. “I Am Free” closes the album with a bittersweet and passionate waltz that tugs at the heartstrings. What a lovely ending for another great album from Frederic Delarue! That I now want to get out his previous CDs and listen to them again says a lot.

“Reflection” and Frederic Delarue’s other CDs can be purchased at and Highly recommended!

Kathy Parsons Solo Piano Publications


by by The Rebecca Review
Frederic Delarue
2007/ Frederic Delarue Productions
52:00 minutes
May 2007

Meditative Moments, May 15, 2007

Frederic Delarue's sweetly melodic symphony of healing touches the soul and creates a tranquil place for reflection. "Reflection Dream Your Life, Live Your Dreams" is soothing and brings out beautiful feelings of love and compassion. A sense of unconditional love and acceptance transcends all other emotions to lift the spirits and bring you to a place of safety and comfort. At times mysterious, the melodies weave calm into your daily existence and provide a place to rest on an emotional level. The minute I play a Frederic Delarue CD my day is transformed into a beautiful vast expanse of peace. If you are looking for music to awaken your inner joy and give you a sense of calm, then "Reflection Dream Your Life, Live Your Dream" offers quiet meditative moments to instantly transport you to a place of peace. I can also highly recommend Voyage of the Soul, Soaring with the Angels, Symphony of Light and Dophins...A Message of Love. Frederic Delarue is also featured on the benefit album Cousteau's Dream along with Yanni, Kenny G, Kitaro and Vangelis. He was born in Chartres, France, so, it is no wonder his music embraces the heights of the spiritual experience all while remaining grounded in a sense of profound moments of joy as experienced here on earth. ~The Rebecca Review

SYMPHONY OF LIGHTSymphony of Light, CD

by Kathy Parsons -
Frederic Delarue
2006/ Frederic Delarue Productions
56:00 minutes

“Symphony of Light” is pianist/keyboardist Frederic Delarue’s fourth solo instrumental album and just might be his best work to date. In the liner notes, Delarue says that the album can be described as “when the great composers come play with Delarue.” Blending original music with phrases from classical pieces, Delarue has created a collection of music that is warm, often joyful, and very serene. He mentioned to me that the classical music came to him as he was working on the album in a natural flow, and he had to figure out what the pieces were after the music was created. An interesting process!

A near-death experience at the age of twelve transported Delarue to the presence of angels who continue to guide his life and his music. ”Symphony of Light” was inspired by and dedicated to “The Angel On the San Jacinto Mountain,” an image etched into the rock by natural phenomena near Delarue’s Palm Springs, CA home. The music was recorded on Korg and Kurzweil keyboards, and includes full orchestrations, ethereal voices, and various sound effects, all to wonderful service of the music.

“Heart Illumination” begins the musical journey with an ambient, floating piece that caresses the mind and strokes the imagination. Gentle voices draw you into a dreamlike state, and you feel as though you are flying very slowly through deep space. “Beauty of Forgiveness” hints at the Pachelbel “Canon” and contains snippets of “Fur Elise.” This one makes me smile with its gentle warmth and touch of humor. “Flying Over the Canyons” begins with a simple melody on guitar with voices in the background. Layers are added as the piece builds. Piano, strings, and rhythms fill out the shimmering melody to perfection. “The Sounds of Intensity” hints at Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata” with piano, strings, and other keyboard sounds - a very powerful and emotional piece. I love “The Scents of Joy,” which is based on Mozart’s Symphony #40. Strings and piano fill this piece with sunshine, joy, and a touch of whimsy. “Symphony of Light” is a little darker and more intense. A very full, rich sound gives it a cinematic sweep. Piano, strings, voices, and keyboard effects again create the sense of floating slowly and very peacefully through vast open space - gorgeous! “A Concert From Heaven” is another delight, combining musical phrases from a host of classical composers that include Grieg’s “Morning”, a Strauss waltz or two, and perhaps a little Tchaikovsky along with others. “A Morning At the Spring” is a lovely variation on Schubert’s “Ave Maria” with birds and bubbling water in the background - tranquility set to music. “The Angel On the Mountain” is a beautiful piano-based piece that is a lovely tribute to the inspiration for this album. The CD closes with “The Emotion of Love,” a gently flowing piece that you can just sort of wrap around yourself to feel all cozy and contented.

“Symphony of Light” is a wonderful musical experience from start to finish. Frederic Delarue is a master of this kind of soothing, healing music - a feel-good experience with some substance. His CDs are available at and Recommended!

SYMPHONY OF LIGHTSymphony of Light, CD

The Rebecca Review
Frederic Delarue
2006/ Frederic Delarue Productions
56:00 minutes
September 2006

Soothing Classical Revelation, September 29, 2007

In "Symphony of Light" Frederic Delarue not only channels his angelic muse, he explores beautiful classical selections as they appear to him throughout his playing. This is a unique experience and I would recommend that you first listen to "Voyage of the Soul" to truly understand the heart of Frederic Delarue. To fully enjoy this selection you have to be aware that he is "channeling" musical masters and that this is a celebration of classical music. His inspiration includes: "Fur Elise," "Moonlight Sonata," "Mozart's Symphony #40." He also draws on inspiration from Strauss, Tchaikovsky and Schubert. His playing embodies a sense of tranquility and in this creation he draws on the past to unveil even more beauty captured in classical music. This is a warm and calming escape that has moments of recognition throughout, but retains Frederic Delarue's own sense of timing and energy. As a pianist/keyboardist he excels at creating musical landscapes filled with light and love. This album is no exception, but is exceptional in depth and the range of musical possibility. Frederic Delarue is also featured on the benefit album Cousteau's Dream along with Yanni, Kenny G, Kitaro and Vangelis. He was born in Chartres, France, so, it is no wonder his music embraces the heights of the spiritual experience all while remaining grounded in a sense of profound moments of joy as experienced here on earth. He has also recently toured Japan and Washington State, USA. I'd recommend listening to his music in this order: Voyage of the Soul Dolphins: A Message of Light Soaring with the Angels Symphony of Light If you open your heart to Frederic Delarue's creations you will be blessed by a feeling of peace and beauty. You will also gain a sense of a renewed clarity of vision. His playing is truly a gift from celestial realms and he seems to mainly channel the love of God in his heart-filled expressions. After listening to his music I feel as content as a kitten curled up in a warm blanket. It is truly a thing of beauty and this CD in particular takes me back to the days when my mother would play classical music as I fell asleep. I like the cover of this album because it seems to speak of an openness to receiving love/light from God and giving it back to the world. Truly when you hear all of Frederic Delarue's CDs, you know he is connected to the source of love. ~The Rebecca Review

DOLPHINS... A MESSAGE OF LOVEDolphins... A Message of Love, CD

by Kathy W. (Top 500 Reviewer on
Frederic Delarue
2006/ Frederic Delarue Productions
56:00 minutes
August 3, 2009

The Real Soul Music...

The Dolphins is my second Delarue CD and Frederic's third album and it is very beautiful. It is from 2004. He says it was a "calling" to spread consciousness of infinite pure love to the world. It was inspired by the dolphins and composed from his heart. Woven throughout much of the music are dolphin sounds and waves. This CD has 12 tracks, plus 2 bonus tracks, totaling 63:40 minutes or a wee bit over 1 hour. The tracks blend together nicely with only a slight pause in between, barely noticeable.

For the first 12 tracks, in parentheses, you will find the composer's intention next to the title of the song. As I usually do with music, I am writing my review as I experience each track for the first time, so that you can know my first impressions.

This music is beyond excellent for an alternative therapy, such as Reiki, Meditation, etc. This is a wonderful gift for someone who is in need of healing or is terminally ill, or just for someone who "believes". Play it anywhere to raise the vibration, but to do it justice, also play it somewhere where you can stop everything and really FEEL the music, without distractions. Tune into it and tune all else out. Surely you can find an hour for yourself once in awhile. I feel its vibrations of peace and love long after the CD has ended. Of course, if energy vibration is not your thing, then use this music to relax completely with and get a good night's sleep. This type of music has vibratory blessings that are not obvious to all. These are vibrations you either feel or you don't. By the way, it's neat to watch the computer visualizations if you play it on the computer because of the way the music flows. The "alchemy" visualization was pretty cool to watch.

DOLPHINS... A MESSAGE OF LOVEDolphins... A Message of Love, CD

by RJ Lannan of NAR - New Age Reporter

How many encounters with providence does it take for one man to acknowledge its influence? For pianist and composer Frederic Delarue the magic number was three times. Two major auto mishaps and an encounter with like sentient beings, the dolphins. Once he listened to his spirit guides, angels and beings of light, Frederic knew what his direction in life was to be. That of a musician with a special message to impart to others and he wrote the music placed in his heart. Dolphins…A Message of Love is the result. His contemplative compositions, channeled through the love from the dolphins are ambient New Age for the most part as they convey a message of hope, love and good wishes. Who are we to reject this gift? I for one accept it and with gratitude. Frederic’s music is a synthesized interplay of soothing, gentle tunes and melancholy tracks that enliven the spirit, heal the soul and relax the body. The first track is appropriately called Welcome. Basking in the glow of the dolphin’s positive energy and accompanied by the sounds of gentle surf and dolphin-speak, the music expands with a pipe organ sound and the voices of angels. There is no doubt that here lies strength, beauty and power. Track 3, Waves of Love is my favorite cut. The ebb and flow of ocean sound, the echo of woodwinds and the sparkling piano score presents a heartfelt offering of warm, contemplative music. It is a simple melody and yet it suggests a feeling of reverence that flows in many directions. A Message of Love is a perfect title for this beautiful and evocative tune that exudes positive energies. Delarue’s forceful piano lead commands this emotional tune with background vocals of dolphin-speak, ocean waves and synthesized voices. His music flows like the sea, a sometimes salty death for humans, but a giver of life to so many other species. Marie De La Mer (Mary of the Ocean) is a very artful rendition using Charles Gounod’s Ave Maria. The musical prayer is often said as a call for help for a mortal dilemma, but Delarue has woven it into a message that has common appeal and a common purpose. Revelation at 8:35, the longest tune on the album, is the best track on Dolphins…A Message of Love. I am thinking that Delurue’s second encounter with death made him write these beautiful, heartrending notes of discovery and joi de vive as he realized that life was such a special gift and not to be taken for granted. The message here is we all have the gift and not to take it lightly, ever. Lastly, as if he couldn’t help himself, is the tune Rejoice, a dance groove that finishes up the album nicely. Pounding beat, echoing voices and blissful keyboard score make you realize that it’s great just to be alive. You can almost imagine the dolphins leaping delightfully as you travel over the waves. Every creature has a playful nature. Delarue was born in the magical city of Chartres, France home of the famous Notre Dame Cathedral. He suffered a car wreck as a pre-teen and realized he was allowed life for a reason. Flash forward to California, 2003 and car wreck number two, another near death experience for Frederic. Again he was again allowed to keep on living. For him, his new journey was clear. He embraced his faith, his personal philosophies and his music began to take shape. He has two other albums, Voyage of the Soul and Soaring With The Angels and is noted for adding his talents to the to ttribute album Cousteau’s Dream. Frederic Delarue has combined Eastern philosophies, Western idealism and the hallowed symbiosis of two sentient races. It is no wonder that his music has universal appeal. Rating: Very Good

DOLPHINS... A MESSAGE OF LOVEDolphins... A Message of Love, CD

by Kathy Parsons - Mainly Piano
2004 / Frederic Delarue Productions
Solo Piano Publications

“Dolphins: A Message of Love” is quite simply one of the most beautiful albums I’ve heard in a long time. Frederic Delarue’s third album of original instrumental works is stunning in its richness, passion, and joy. Using Korg and Kurzweil synthesizers/keyboards/ samplers, Delarue has created vibrant, inspiring music, and some tracks feature the sounds of dolphins and the ocean. Several pieces are piano-based and some feature wordless vocals that give them a very ethereal sound. I really like Delarue’s first two albums, “Voyage of the Soul” and “Soaring With the Angels,” but think this is by far his best work to date. “Calming” and “soothing” are words that come to mind, but the music goes beyond that, as it can be listened to many times with full attention without getting “old,” and yet is very effective in the background. There aren’t many albums where I thoroughly enjoy every track, but I love this one! Delarue truly composes and plays from the heart, and his sincerity and emotional depth are compelling.

The CD opens with the sound of the surf, dolphin “clicks,” and heavenly voices. Ambient, floating sounds set the tone of the album, creating a sense of peace and tranquility. “Ballet of Light” is playful and free, with a simple piano melody and lovely string washes. “Sincere Communion” is a gorgeous piece, again piano-based with strings, voices, and soothing ambient sounds; it almost feels like dreaming on a cloud. “Marie de la Mer” is a lovely piece that must have been inspired by the Bach/Gounod “Ave Maria.” Heavenly! The first part of “Revelation” hints at a very slow Pachelbel “Canon,” and evolves into a very quiet and meditative piece that tugs at the heart while soothing the mind. Other titles include “Calm In My Spirit,” “Splash of Joy,” and “Angels of the Sea,” suggesting correctly that this music is peaceful, joyful, and deeply felt. In addition to the twelve tracks that were inspired by the dolphins, the CD includes two bonus tracks, “Dance of Love” and “Rejoice,” which feature more of a “dance mix” feeling with rhythm tracks and an upbeat, fun, spirit.

Sure to be on my Top 10 for 2004, “Dolphins” is available from and Very highly recommended!

DOLPHINS... A MESSAGE OF LOVEDolphins... A Message of Love, CD


As I started the listening of the first song of Frederic Delarue's Dolphins, I was reading the inside cover message from Frederic. Suddenly my heart began to vibrate with the ring of truth. Wow! Although our original intention was only to have music with words, we are discovering profound messages can be received through the music alone. That the artist when in the correct state can send the emotional power that he has received directly into his music and we then can in turn receive that same intention when listening in a correct state. The power of respect and love can be felt in every song. Frederic has become enlightened through his life experiences and powers of observation. Through his own personal graduated for his life being saved he has been given a gift, the gift to recognize love. Love in it's purest state, unconditional and forever lasting, a gift he wishes on all of us. (Tracks 1,2,&3) Pause for a moment and think of your loved ones who are now gone, while listening to Dolphins by Frederic Delarue, then send them the message of your love, how much you loved and love them still. This is the effort I found my self doing while listening to tracks 4 & 5. Then , yes, they did hear me, yes, we are not alone. Comfort and gentle loving caresses, this music will inspire and give you the strength to face another day, to care deeper, to love stronger, to stand taller, to know all are connected in God's love. We should all be so inspired by the Dolphins. Piano- acoustic and electric, woodwinds, ocean sounds, dolphin sounds, sweet strings, chimes, and many orchestra sounds. How can you make the music sing the message of "Surrender to God"? Frederic Delarue enchants us with his sounds of unity with our maker. To truly ‘Surrender' means God doing Gods work through you with every breath, every sound, every effort. Spectacular are songs 6 & 7. Together with the piano sounds of hundreds of voices we aspire to reach the heavens and one can feel the "Moment of Personal Blessing"(track 7) Frederic Delarue is trying to share with us. We hear Frederic, Thank you! This album is wonderful in all the glory in which it was given to you we are receiving it. Thank you, Thank You! Tracks 8,9,10,11,12 all create there own different messages, or of course you can just listen as background music and you will still be grateful you bought it. Wether you sit quietly to merge with the efforts of these beautifully inspiring sounds, to "Feel the Peace in Your Heart" (track 8) or just in your car for the drive to work or home stereo while preparing dinner for the family, you will feel as though embraced by the arms of compassion, as though you were given permission to peer into the window of a secret place. Dolphins by Frederic Delarue is a must have. It sounds as though an entire orchestra is playing, but it's just Frederic or is it just Frederic? We have heard many times in our travels this statement,"Be it not for the grace of God..." finishing the statement with what ever event took place. In this review we have understood an event has taken place, like a rock in still waters the event is over but the ripples form that event will travel the world in the form of this CD. Fredreic Delarue has created the ability for us to taste a portion of his event, hence we too have an event, an experience to which we send out the ripples of the power of love, peace and unity with man, God and his creatures. This belief also understands that God does His work through us when we get out of the way. We believe Frederic has ‘gotten out of the way' and is a truly inspired musician. Kudos to the studio, to those who work with Frederic, and the amazing technology of the keyboards he uses to masterfully create and play these great works of true love, understanding, and hope for a better life for all of us. There are two Bonus tracks ‘Dance with Love', & ‘Rejoice' Let's just end this by saying own this CD, because I feel like I could type all day telling how we have received by only one listening :-) Ok! Buy it, listen, and fall in love all over again, my heart is full, my soul is awake, my mind is in awe, and we are grateful. Dolphins by Frederic Delarue Magnificent!
There’s something special about dolphins, perhaps its their witty intellect or joyful outlook to their cohabiting life with the rest of the world. Regardless they somehow seem to soothe the inner soul of humans. If you’ve ever seen a child gasp with glee at the sight of one of the ocean’s most unique inhabitants, then you haven’t seen real joy yet. Frederic Delarue takes on that message of hope, love, and joy with his new age adventure named after these beautiful creatures. Many artists would love to aspire to such a great undertaking but Frederic takes it in stride and produces one of the most inspiring audio massages of a lifetime. J-Sin

DOLPHINS... A MESSAGE OF LOVEDolphins... A Message of Love, CD

by John Sekerka

When Frederic Delarue had a near death experience at twelve years old during which he encountered angels. He's joined the likes of Kenny G., Yanni and Vangelis as a new age musician. He's even recorded with those fellas. Delarue's transcendental music is all about soaring, whether it's up above with the angels, or below with sea mammals. "Dolphins are made of Love," Delarue writes, and who can argue? The soothing sounds of porpoises, the pan flute, the Korg Triton Extreme, the Kurzweil K2500, and the Roland JV-2080 stir up a ballet of waves sure to bring on a calming dream state. And if this just isn't enough you can order a personalized CD of the music of your soul based on your birth name.

SOARING WITH THE ANGELSSoaring with the Angels, CD

By Kathy W. -Baltimore, MD - (TOP 500 REVIEWER on AMAZON.COM)
Frederic Delarue
2009/ Frederic Delarue Productions
August 5, 2009

Let the Angels Hold Your Soul in their Wings

My experience with Frederic Delarue began with his "Eyes of Your Heart" CD, the most beautiful music I have ever heard. It is not only beautiful ethereal piano composition, but more importantly, it is so vibrationally superb. Soaring With the Angels is my fourth Delarue CD and Frederic's second album and it is very beautiful. It is from 2003. On the back cover, he writes " The blissful melodies get your immediate resonance and fill your mind with only good thoughts. They are so full of love that you can only respond with love." Every album he makes is remarkable and these albums leave you "feeling" the vibration of the music long after you have finished playing them. It's like giving your soul a drink of fresh, cool, sparking water--the kind of water I got when I drank from the Athabasca glacier in Alberta, Canada.

This album is soft, melodic, peaceful, relaxing and it has a light and airy feeling to it, even sometimes playful. Soaring with the angels is a good title for it. I can visualize it as such. It begins with what sounds that like angelic voices in a brief 2:18 track. The rest of the album is instrumental until the very last track, when you hear angel voices again. There are 12 tracks, with names that fit the album's angelic sounding music, totaling about 46 minutes. It's difficult for me to break down each track, as I normally do with music, because Frederic's music is different. It all flows together, with only a slight pause in between tracks. It flows like the oneness we should all feel with each other.

Frederic is a gentleman originally from France who now resides in the Palms Springs, California desert. As a 12-year old boy, he was in a horrible auto accident that ejected him from the car and busted him up badly. Following the accident, he had a near death experience (NDE) that forever changed his life. His music is so beautiful and so vibrational, he surely must have brought it back from Heaven as a result of the NDE. This is the kind of vibration that you feel, not hear, that I am talking about. This is VERY special music. You will want to play his albums over and over again. By the way, Frederic chooses to make lemonade when he is handed lemons, as you will see if you read his new book. He has a positive outlook and refuses to get caught up in the negativity, thank God! His music is obviously reflective of his positive outlook.

This music is well suited to meditation, reiki, acupuncture, and other healing modalities. You can play it in the car, or at work, or use it to fall asleep with--just about anything. If you use it for healing modalities, it has a nice comforting vibration. If you have someone very sick, it could be comforting to them.

By the way, I have to mention "Whistling Grace". It feels special. It's like a see an angel slowly and patiently walking along, one step at a time, kicking feet up with each step, hands clasped behind his/her back, and whistling one note at a time. Maybe the angel is waiting for his/her human to get off their tail and do something they are supposed to do. I also have a special love for Pursuit of Dreams. It has a moving feeling. And then there is Cherub's Ballad. Oh, Lord! They are all wonderful.

Honestly, if you buy all his albums, I don't think you will be disappointed. I have 3 more I haven't heard yet but I know I am going to love them. I am determined to review one at a time. (Yep. After I heard one, I had to have them all.)

Hey! It's neat to play them at work, even if you play them low. It seems like they permeate the area with their vibration and change the energy flow in the whole office. Cool! Namaste'

VOYAGE OF THE SOULVoyage of the Soul, CD

Review by Kathy Parsons

You also can view it at:


2005 / Real Music
Terence Yallop and the team at Real Music have once again assembled a stellar compilation album, this time featuring pianists from their own roster of artists as well as selections from a few independents. Eleven of the fourteen tracks are from previously-released albums, but the independent artists (most notably George Skaroulis and Frederic Delarue) may be new to many listeners and will be a treat to discover (both are among my favorite artists!). It should probably be noted that none of the tracks are strictly solo piano, but all feature the piano as the primary instrument. The CD includes two tracks each from David London, Paul Machlis, Bernward Koch (both new compositions), and the wonderful Kevin Kern (“The Winding Path” is one of his most beautiful compositions, and sparkles in this collection.); and one each from Omar, Danny Wright (a cover of Yanni’s “Whispers in the Dark”), Jim Chappell (it’s good to hear from this artist again after a long absence!), George Skaroulis, Mars Lasar, and Frederic Delarue. It always amazes me how Yallop can take such a diverse group of artists and create a seamless collection that showcases the differences from one artist to the next but flows so smoothly and cohesively. It’s difficult to pinpoint any special highlights on this album since each track is a gem unto itself and there are no weak tracks at all. As is Real Music’s usual focus, all of the music is warm, soothing, and beautiful both in the background and for active listening. Nobody does compilations better than Real Music, and this is one of their best. Recommended!



Article by Idrissa DERA of Burkina Faso:

LA MUSIQUE DE LA RUE QUI SOIGNE (The Music Of The Street That Heals)
'De La Rue' means 'Of The Street', in French :)
Thank you Idrissa for this nice humor :)

Translation in English of the article:



For many years already, Fréderic DELARUE keeps helping thousands of people to soften their pain through the benefit of his music.
No matter what you suffer from, and even the most enduring pain, Fréderic DELARUE could help you to feel better. Visit the web site of DELARUE that heals.


Musician performs soothing music
Posted By Shawn Slaght

Visitors to Banff had the opportunity to experience the sounds of recording artist and composer Frederic Delarue. This is part of Delarue’s western Canadian tour.

Delarue was at Central Park’s gazebo last week to demonstrate his unique ability to compose smoothing instrumental music known as The Music of Your Soul.

Delarue takes the birth name of someone in the audience and, through spiritual vibrations, creates music using a keyboard and synthesizer for that person’s soul.

“It can be used for healing and to cure,” he said.

One example he gave was a woman waiting for major surgery on her back to repair a disc. She had a lot of pain when she attended one of Delarue’s three-part concerts.

She was about to leave after the first two parts, but the music began for the third part, so she sat back down. As the music played, she felt something move in her back. She didn’t realize until after the concert was over that there was no more pain. Her next visit to the doctor showed that her back was healed.

Delarue has released six albums, including his latest A Mind Like An Ocean, and worked on a compilation benefit album called Cousteau’s Dream with Yanni, Kenny G and Vangelis.

He said he could put together an album in one to three days because he plays everything from the heart so he has no need to write music before laying down tracks. If he wanted to reproduce a piece he has already played, “I’d have to learn how to play it,” he said.

Delarue has already played in Lethbridge and Medicine Hat on his tour and was headed to Lake Louise next for a private function.

Vicka Lindsay and her sister Weena had biked from Canmore for the opportunity to see Delarue play.

“I saw the poster and was moved by the colours, so we biked down here together,” Lindsay said.

Delarue talked to the girls and played a sister’s soul song for the two of them. Lindsay said it was a very powerful and moving experience.

Not everyone has the same experience. Delarue said some people are very open and ready to surrender themselves to a Higher Power; these people are greatly affected by his music.

Others that aren’t as open, but the worst that happens is they feel more relaxed.

Delarue’s gift of composing music for the soul began at the age of 12 when he was in a car accident and had a near death experience.

“Everything started at the age of 12 when I had my near death experience and I met angels,” he said.

Delarue learned how the play the piano at four and, at the age of 13, composed Music For Your Soul for the first time.

World Wellness, a company devoted to personal wellness, sponsored the concert.

Article ID# 1163248

"Wellness event designed to soothe body and spirit"

A soothing and blissful mind, body and spirit was the focus of the World Wellness event held at The Callaghan Inn Sunday afternoon.


A soothing and blissful mind, body and spirit was the focus of the World Wellness event held at The Callaghan Inn Sunday afternoon.

Event organizer Shelly Bootland, owner of local Advanced Wellness Massage and Spa, planned the event to put on display some of the top talent and contributions to the art of relaxation and physical well-being right here in Medicine Hat.

“In the world we live in, it is so important for people to take the time to look after their bodies and enjoy a positive and relaxing environment,” Bootland said.

From 3 to 7 p.m. the event was a launching point for Bootland’s World Wellness business, which included a performance from the ambient and spiritually inspirational music of Frederic Delarue, a new age and classical musician with renowned talent from France.

Delarue’s music is music for the soul, and after three near-death experiences throughout his life, he describes his music as the natural and completely fulfilling progressing of a gift given to him from God.

“I have to look at what happened to me as a blessing in disguise. Thanks to these moments I was given the tools to wake me up and keep me on the path of who I really am,” said Delarue.

Also on display Sunday afternoon was “The Magic of Trevor Moore”. This show was put on by the local magician who specializes in sleight of hand and creating illusions with small everyday objects such as coins, playing cards and handkerchiefs.

A belly dancing set by three local dancers from Goddess Works, Medicine Hat Middle Eastern Dance and Ana Wa Ockti Dance Corporation included six unique choreographies to entertain the crowd.

A Qi Gong demonstration brought the event full-circle, showing the art and science of using breath, movement, mind and meditation to cleanse, strengthen and circulate the blood and vital force within the body.



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